Young Addaction

Drug & Alcohol Support for Young People. Young Addaction work with young people aged 10 to 19 providing advice and support for drugs and alcohol. Our transitional service supports 20 to 24 year olds with additional support needs (e.g. Learning disabilities or Mental Health issues).

What is the service?

Young Addaction Liverpool.

What do you do?

  • Stop Drug Use (including alcohol)
  • Cut Down
  • Improve Safety
  • Get Healthy Young

Addaction delivers group work targeted to help to regular drug and alcohol users. We support parents and carers with advice on how to speak to engage with their young people about substances. We provide C-Card registration and condom demonstration, Hepatitis C testing, Needle Exchange and Safer Injecting advice. We can offer advice around nutrition and exercise to promote natural muscle building. We will contact the young person within two days and offer an appointment within five days.

What age group does your service work with?

10 to 19 and a 20 to 24 transitional service.

Do you work with other family members?

Yes, we can offer advice and guidance to families and carers.

Are you limited to working with people from a specific geographical area?

Yes, we work with people from Liverpool postcodes

Who would someone ask for in the first instance?

You can speak to any of us!

What are your opening times?

9am to 5pm Monday. We deliver detached outreach in various parts of Liverpool on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Can you be contacted out-of-hours?

Yes, please leave a message and we will get back to you the next (working) day.

Do you have appointments outside working hours?

We can arrange out-of-hours appointments as appropriate.

Do you have drop-in facilities?

No, but we have an answering machine. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Where do you see young people?

We are flexible to see young people in various locations around Liverpool.
We can arrange to see young people at their school.
We also see young people at Young Addaction at Rotunda College in Kirkdale or Firefit Hub in Toxteth.

Do you take referrals directly from children/young people, parents/carers?

Yes, you can 0151 736 9747 or we can email you a referral form.

If not, how can people refer in to your service?


Who else can make referrals to you?

We take referrals from any professionals as well as clients and family members.

What kinds of things do you help with?

We are specialist in supporting people with a range of substances including, Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Mephedrone, Ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy), New drugs, etc. Young Addaction is a free and confidential service, non-judgemental and client centred. Once in service, Young Addaction can assist with signposting to other services such as education, training, housing, mental health and diversionary activities.

What do you offer?

Our overall aim is to increase young people’s health and wellbeing through providing Cognitive Behavioural Approaches and Motivational Skills. We help young people to cut down or give up substances which may be impacting on their health and wellbeing. Young Addaction can deliver group work targeted to help to regular drug users, including binge drinking. Our Amber Room provides:* Condoms and C-Card registration* Hepatitis C testing* Needle Exchange and Safer Injecting advice* Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea urine tests

What happens after a referral is made?

We will contact the young person within 2 days and offer an appointment within 5 days. The young person will be assessed around their substance use as well as other surrounding problems.

What will happen at the first appointment?

Young people are usually seen weekly for as long as is appropriate.

What will happen after that?

Clients are usually seen weekly for as long as they need as we are a voluntary service.

What do you do if a client is not happy with the service?

Any client can complain or ask to have a different key worker. Clients are made aware of the complaints procedure.

What skills do your staff have?

Our staff are skilled workers who are DANOS qualified and hold FDAP certificates which is the standard for drug professionals. We are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Approaches and Motivational Interviewing. We keep up our knowledge around new substances e.g. New Psychoactive Substances (what people sometimes call ‘Legal Highs’ or ‘New Drugs’).

Do you offer training in your specialist area?

We have a volunteer program for anyone interested in becoming a project worker. You can apply through the Addaction website or call Alison Fleet on 0151 706 9747.