PSS Family Impact

Supporting children, young people, parents, grandparents and other family carers affected by parental problematic drug and or alcohol use.

What is the service?

PSS Family Impact.

What do you do?

Supporting children, young people, parents, grandparents and other family carers affected by parental problematic drug and or alcohol use.

What age group does your service work with?

All ages.

Do you work with other family members?

Family Impact works with all family members affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse.

Are you limited to working with people from a specific geographical area?

Yes, Liverpool.

Who would someone ask for in the first instance?

Katie Owens

What are your opening times?


Can you be contacted out-of-hours?


Do you have appointments outside working hours?


Do you have drop-in facilities?


Where do you see young people?

PSS Building Seel Street. In the young persons home. Safe place in the community.

Do you take referrals directly from children/young people, parents/carers?


If not, how can people refer in to your service?


Who else can make referrals to you?

Practical and emotional support around reducing drug and alcohol intake via group work and individual support. Support for the whole family, including access to childrens and young peoples groups. Referrals to other agencies when appropriate.

What kinds of things do you help with?

Any service that has permission from the family to make a referral, e.g. Social services, schools, health professionals, counsellors, drug and alcohol services, children centres.Place2Be seeks to improve the prospects of children aged 4-14 years by tackling the complex social and emotional issues that often lie behind the challenging behaviours and educational underperformance.

What do you offer?

An eight week program of therapeutic activities for children and young people, support groups for family carers, family trips, support for parents entering detox, during and after treatment. A series of workshops to improve life skills and a ten week parenting course.

What happens after a referral is made?

The referral is taken to our team meeting to be discussed, it will then be allocated to a family worker. The family worker will then contact the referrer to discuss in more detail. A home visit (joint visit with referrer, if appropriate) will be carried out and an initial assessment will be made.

What will happen at the first appointment?

We explain what the service offers, complete initial assessment and identify what support is needed.

What will happen after that?

Individual sessions will be carried out with the children to complete assessments and then the child will be invited to join the group programme. The parents will be invited to joint the parenting programme and to attend our workshops. Parents will also be supported in reducing their alcohol and drug intake.

What do you do if a client is not happy with the service?

Try to discuss and resolve issues and complaints informally. PSS has a service user complaints procedure which clients are made aware of annd can follow should the matter arise.

What skills do your staff have?

Staff come from a range of backgrounds including social work, psychology, early years, and counselling.

Do you offer training in your specialist area?

Yes we offer training in drug and alcohol awareness, relapse prevention and safeguarding.