Work with young people aged 10 to 19 providing advice and support for drugs and alcohol.

Young Addaction

Provide a short breaks service for disabled children and young people aged 7- 19yrs, particularly providing support around diagnosis and change of settings.

The Disability and Inclusion Team

A registered charity working with young people and adults with mild to moderate mental health issues.

The Beacon Counselling Trust

Supporting children, young people, parents, grandparents and other family carers affected by parental problematic drug and or alcohol use.

PSS Family Impact

The leading children's mental health charity providing in-school therapeutic and counselling support to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff.


Provides loss and grief counselling support to children and young people ages 4 to 19.

Oakleaf Children and Young People loss and grief Counselling

Direct work with children and young people and parents.

NSPCC Liverpool

For those enrolled with the college we offer a counselling mental health and wellbeing service.

Liverpool Community College Counselling and Well Being Service

Therapeutic service based in 120 primary schools.


Advice, information and support for Kinship Families.

Kinship Carers

For young people who identify themselves as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans, or who are Questioning their sexuality or gender identity (LGBTQ)


Health & Wellbeing Project designed for young people by young people.

GP Champs

Assessment and treatment to young people when eating has become difficult.

Alder Hey Eating Disorder Service for Young People (EDYS)

Working with children and young people in school up to the age of 19, to identify their needs and working with a range of professionals to support those needs.

Educational Psychology Services

Supports young people aged 14 – 35 who have had a psychotic experience.

Early Intervention in Psychosis Service

Youth group that supports young people who identify as: trans*, gender questioning, or young people whose gender identity (internal sense of self) does not match with their assigned gender at birth.

THE Action Youth (Trans* Health Education) (YPAS)

Provides a wealth of information about local services available to children, young people and families across Liverpool.

Early Help Directory

Works with families with babies and toddlers from conception up to 2 years of age.

Liverpool Parent Infant Partnership

The voice for young people's mental health and wellbeing.

Young Minds